A Creative Contribution from…

Mary Andresen —a caregiver in Big Bear, CA who recently formed a local support group to serve as a beacon of hope for her and other caregivers in the area. This poem was inspired by the experiences of one of the members of her group.

I’m Still Me

It creeps in slowly, as the fog on the shore,
Until—one day the “normal me” has changed.
Some THING seems to have stolen my brain
And all the neurons have been rearranged!

The “old me” is slowly ebbing away
And the words often come out wrong.
I cling to my humor, at least I try
Maybe I could put my words into song!

I try to accept this as a challenge,
Or just another road with a bend.
I need your help, understanding and love
Most of all, I need you as a FRIEND!

I don’t realize that I really forget
And things often get “out of whack”
I will make things up as truly real
And sometimes I’m really off track.

I need you to know that I’m really trying
And sometimes I simply just can’t!
Look for the few moments when I’m “me” again -
And past the times that I “rave and rant.”

I refuse to get angry at this each day
For I know that God is ever beside me.
He never promised me days always bright
But that He would never, ever leave me!

Mary Andresen©
June 26, 2010